Saturday, February 5, 2011

Marni S/S 2009 Milan

If Prada was a big sister, I imagine Marni is most likely being the younger, quirky, and more relaxed cousin. I always loved Marni, but never I've been totally blown away before this collection came up! It does look like a good collection to salivate over! I love the lively color and the cool out-of-granma's-closet appeal on this collection, and the accessories are also INSANE this season! SOOO GOOD!


  1. is it your own illustration ? i really like it !

  2. You made the illustrations? so awesome! i really like your style, genious!

  3. I agree with Aahna they are awesome...I love your work so much...and the technique and style that u used is so good.
    Did u use prismacolor markers on ur work??