Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mary Katrantzou S/S 2011 London

Image source: The Catwalking

Mary Katrantzou has really proved herself to be in London's top tier. Recently awarded with 100,000 euro from Swiss Textile Award for her brilliant S/S 2011 collection; I couldn't think of anyone more deserving. The collection itself was so opulent, but it was wonderfully counter-balanced by something I can't quite place my finger on; the silhouette, the styling, the venue itself? I don't exactly know. I've been waiting for a collection like this for what has felt like forever, and Mary has finally delivered. It's hilarious and witty, a technical masterpiece and, most of all, extremely pleasing.

The play on the everyday, domestic object written into a garment was so uncanny. Everything in the collection looks so familiar, yet so unfamiliar at the same time! I find it quite humorous really; people live in houses but here the houses live on the people. The prints are so intense and exciting yet at the same time cold, almost melancholy in their sharpness. I enjoyed how Mary offset it with humorous detailing that blended into the dresses as both a part of the picture and luxurious embellishments, bringing the trompe l'oeil forth into a 3D space. It will definitely fall into this season's '90s redux trend, with the once-in-a-glitzy-frame-now-in-a-thrift-store fantasy interior prints that once picked up by Balenciaga last season. I don't say that Ghesquiere necessarily borrowed ideas from Mary, but that those lines of influence might have occurred tells us how good she really is.


  1. I ADORE MARY KATRANTZOU. She designs the most intricate pieces <3


  2. Once again you've out done yourself Fred!! I'm not particularly familiar with this collection so thank-you for bringing it to my attention :)

  3. beautiful! great pict and your drawings are always fantastic! xxb

  4. como você é talentoso! fico espantado com tanta beleza.

  5. so cute!!!

    johanna, sweden

  6. i love this collection!

  7. So beautiful!!! I love it!
    One of my favourite designers of the moment!

  8. This collection is nothing short of AMAZING! Thanks for sharing. I do <3 your lovely illustrations too!!