Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dries Van Noten S/S 2008 Paris

A fashion rule says that it is either the colors should coordinate, in which case the patterns can clash, or the patterns should coordinate, in which case the colors can clash; but definitely not both. Well that certainly doesn't apply to Dries Van Noten in his spring/summer '08 collection, which I think may be his most extroverted collection yet, up until now.

I remember seeing this collection back in my first year in fashion school and was struck in awe. The styling was outrageous and actually quite genius, I guess. A flawless juxtaposition of prints and patterns is a major feat to achieve, and only few designers can deliver it perfectly. The way Mr. Van Noten mixes them, thanks to his creativity and ability to actually do it, resulting the collection not looking too heavy, instead it felt fresh and bright and the silhouette was very young, but strangely it also did suited any age.

I guess this collection really demonstrates the depth of Dries' talent; and his understanding of the diverse cultures and places that influence him. He's not just a tourist who picks up random ethnic inspirations and crashes them all together without any understanding of local aesthetics. But what I saw was an excellent collection, extremely traditional in a way of staying true to the roots, to the inspiration, and amazingly modern at the same time. What more a woman can ask for summer?



  2. your work is unreal. i wish you'd update more {: love your stuff!

  3. Lovely illustrations. I like them more than the real thing.