Friday, March 11, 2011

Proenza Schouler S/S 2010 New York

I always imagined a Proenza Schouler girl as a carefree, girl-about-town, cocktail hardcore, night-queen-party-crasher type of girl. And if the duo were envisioning the same girl while creating this collection, well I guess they have done a brilliantly good job! The S/S 2010 collection is definitely one solid, cohesive collection; there's a rhythm created by the colors that emphasize the aggressiveness of the girl wearing it.

The collection was personally so eye-crashing due to the mix of heavy optical materials with bright fabrics and opulent appliques. I also found the punchy beautiful colors chosen very intriguing, and the prints give a realistic and very refreshing Amazonian feel to the collection. It was definitely the edgiest color palette on a collection during the fashion week!


  1. I loved that collection ! Nice drawing, i looove it :)

  2. I saw that tie-dye t-shirt on psimadethis a while ago, I´m pretty sure it was the same one....weird