Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prada S/S 2011 Milan

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For every season, Prada has always been like this for me. After a first look, I'd ask, "Why Miuccia? Why design a collection like that?" But then, subsequently, when I looked at it again, and see it on real people, or on editorials few months later, I will understand why Miuccia decided on these. And that's why I think she's a maestro, one of the true designers out there. She definitely doesn't just design clothes for the obvious.

But this S/S 2011 collection for me was mind blowing in endless ways; it was love at the first sight. The collection was so full of references and I think what makes it so interesting is the juxtaposition of these very references.

There was a Spanish flavor and a colorful approach to fashion, mixed in with a sort of trendy business-woman who wears her sneakers to work and changes into heels for the evening. And on top of that the collection had some kind of flapper-esque vibe in the shapes of the dresses, and the carrying of furs, and the hairstyles - all of this ending in restraint in a strong assemblage of a simple, classic Prada shift dresses.

And don't even get me started on the shoes! Absolute genius. The menswear-inspired sneakers were an interesting take on casual luxury. I like how steady and powerful they made the girls walk. It is infinitely refreshing to see a model to actually being able stride down the catwalk with force and purpose, in a pair of shoes, no?


  1. I like your illustrations even more than the collections. You're genious :)

  2. Whoooooa, I love your blog ! Simple, full of colors,... I love the illustrations, and your choice of photos is very pertinent ! I second Nat : you're a genius :)

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    This is my NEW FAVE blog <3

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    I'm you newest fan!!!
    You have a talent and I love all your sketches!
    I won't be surprised if I see your sketches on a famous brand t-shirt or bags


  6. hey, as usual awesome taste from you <3

    i love ur posts :)
    and actually i've sent an email asking about interview on
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  7. Ana Q.1:06 AM

    Awesome !

    I love everything! The illustrations are simply amazing! :D <3