Monday, March 21, 2011

Christopher Kane S/S 2009 London

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Christopher Kane is never one to shy away from pushing the envelope, and therefore I guess he deserves to be one of London’s most buzzed-about designers. During spring/summer 2009 London Fashion Week, his original take on fashion brought us the circular theme he had going on with all the palettes from his previous fall/winter 08/09 collection being carried over, this time in the form of layers and layers of chiffon semi-circles.

The outfits are actually quite hit-or-miss for me. I love the scallop jackets and the semi-circular wire trimmed dresses, however I am definitely not a fan of the maribou feathers, and some scallop dresses looked quite overdone. But the monkey prints totally won me over; it was so spectacular it's like the new, younger, edgier version of Margiela horse print! While at first I kinda thought that the prints have no relevance to the rest of the collection in any way, it finally made sense after reading what was his inspiration, which were 'The Planet of the Apes' and 'The Flintstones', to name a few. This isn't modern art, after all, which habitually seems to require to be excused via a pretentious verbal explanation. In the end it's just fashion isn't it, and fashion should be fun!

Overall for me this really is a cool collection as a whole. It is terribly clever for amazing reworking of the common silhouettes and definitely isn't taking itself too seriously. Yes, some of the leather skirts are a bit tacky and the construction isn't very flattering unless you are a size zero, but this collection is definitely memorable. Even now I'm like just sitting here smiling because it really made me laugh and in a good way. Kane's definitely one hell of a designer who never wants to see semi-circles ever again.


  1. I love your blog! Very nice.

  2. I really love the drawings!

  3. loving your blog and illustrations...would be interested in booking you for some work

  4. phenomenal work!


  5. i LOVE your drawings. these are ones of the most beautiful fashion images i have ever seen. thank God i bumped into your blog a while ago, it made my day actually!
    i'll be back many times for sure. following!

  6. AAmazinG!!!! And all my favourite designers too! You really have a beautiful vision. Really with you on your words about the Prada collections..I have said the same about her collections on my first I go WTF?..and then I realise the genius. Thats what makes Muicca genius, I think the things that you almost don't like are what challenges your mind and sparks the creativity.
    BRAVO! love your blog!

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    the last image was spot on !