Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Best of... Marchesa

Illustration: left to right Marchesa S/S 2009, S/S 2011, and F/W 08.09, Image source: MyVisualPleasures, Rlaneri,

One thing we must understand about Marchesa is that there is no use looking for avant-garde fashion statements in their pieces. There is no signature and dominating silhouette or textiles, along with the fact that many Marchesa pieces look dangerously similar to some other fashion houses. No doubt some fashion purists consider this as a bad thing. Well, it's not about that kind of talent. It's more about execution/creation than concept, creating whimsical yet romantic, stunning - for there really is no other word for it - dresses in voluminous tulle and dizzying amounts of embroidery and intricate handwork.

Sometimes it's difficult to digest a Marchesa collection for me because it's all dresses in one collection and I am definitely not so used to that... it's wow after wow without more street-wearable passages and it gets a bit overwhelming at times. But Marchesa is not about being innovative and radically inventive when it comes to design. They create breathtaking dresses that seem to make stylists gasping for air imagining having them on their editorials, and for those actresses who are trying to create a red carpet moment. It creates a dream, and drama... two things that's still, most surely get a welcome nod.


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  2. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Hi Fred!! Just wanted to pop over and say thanks for entering my giveaway, i'm so glad you did! Good luck! :)
    As for your illustration, as always it is beautiful!! I am a huuuge Marchesa fan and have been wanting to draw another Marchesa dress for a while now! You chose the most beautiful ones of course and did such a fabulous job with them. I think the subtle colouring is perfect and I LOVE the photos to accompany it!

  3. I love your blog.I like your designer draw!
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  4. This is such a beautiful post!

    Johanna, Sweden

  5. These are amazing!! Love the illustrationat the top too :) Found you following :) xx

  6. I'm not a huge Marchesa fan for (pretty much exactly) the reasons you stated. I find also that some of the pieces are too over the top for my aesthetic.. but hey, once in a while you open a magazine and you see a celebrity looking gorgeous in Marchesa! Who knows!

    I'm glad to have found you, your blog is seriously awesome

    PvdH -designer and illustrator

  7. Been a follower since the start of the year.. not too long, but was so over the moon, somehow that your hard work has paid off.. YOU GOT YOURSELF featured on TRENDLAND and the thing, before you know it, you will be the next big thing!! Kudos! Your passion has truly exudes in your work!

  8. I love your blog and your illustrations! You are already in my blogroll and I look forward to my next visits!

  9. amazing!!!!!!!!!!GREAT BLOG!