Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alexander Wang S/S 2010 New York

I have always had a fascination in general clothing that sort of lacks a sense of glamour. You know, the kind of street-style idea of just randomly wearing what you want effortlessly and not doing it to look sexy. I think that has to do with a matter of taste anyway, some may like that sort of stuff, I personally do, or some may prefer Versace red carpet gowns or that sort of glam rock Gucci type of thing.

Therefore when Alexander Wang tried something slightly different than his normal clubby downtown chick looks for his S/S 2010 show, I just couldn't help but loving it. I guess it's also because of his all-American football inspiration; I've always been a huge sucker of all sort of romantic fantasy of high school drama: the handsome jocks, the beautiful cheerleaders, the cliches... Letterman jackets, homecoming and prom night. I like how Wang has taken bits and pieces from the football uniform (and what is worn underneath the football uniform) and created a cohesive collection of young and hip clothes... and I like that this time, the girls looked a little cleaner. In fact everyone looked really fresh, and I love the side braid hairstyle.

On the down side, although there were some really adorable pieces, the styling on some looks were so contrived and heavy-handed, that it detracted from the collection overall. However I applaud Wang's smart move that he didn't want to dwell on the hype he had gained over past seasons (Hello, Mr. Decarnin), instead he made an unexpected turn by trying to update the image of his brand and push his image towards a wider range.


  1. Love, love, love everything about this. Your interpretation of the collection is amazing, so unglamorous as you say, yet so sexy!! I've painted those sun glasses before too. They are just too amazing not to paint. Hope everything is coming along well with the IDI project and that you received my emails. I was so happy to hear from you.

    Meag xx

  2. michelle11:32 PM

    love the sunnies

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  3. cacaorocks11:33 PM


  4. Your illustrations are so much better than the real thing! They are so beautiful and you are so talented! Absolutely love the sunglasses, they are awesome!

  5. Natalia11:33 PM

    Amazing illustrations and amazing post! so agree with your opinion!!!!
    I love the sunglusses!really really nices!